Holiday Gift Guide - Underbelly Team Picks

Our Underbelly team knows a thing or two about intentional, beautifully designed products. We put our brains together and curated a list of our top recommended gift ideas - perfect for loved ones, employees, or even clients.


1. Electric Gooseneck Kettle by Fellow

As big pour-over coffee fans, the gooseneck kettle was pretty life-changing. The kettle is quick to heat, perfect for getting your coffee in before your morning meeting. It has a hold feature, so you don't have to start the heating-up process over again. The kettle itself is beautifully crafted and doesn't leave your counter looking cluttered.

Allpa 35L Travel Pack

2. Allpa 35L Travel Pack by Cotopaxi

This gift recommendation comes from several of our team members. Underbelly team member Zach recently took this pack on a six-day trip to Belgium. The Allpa Pack is the perfect carry-on size but still leaves an ample amount of space to pack everything you need. The intuitive design helps travelers stay organized and pack light.

Untitled design (1)

3. Italian Vintage Typography Pasta Print by La Tipografia Toscana.

Are you the pasta type? Let's be honest - we all are. This Typography Pasta Print is the perfect gift for the food and typography lover, which pretty much sums up our entire team. Each print is made using a 1950s proof press and vintage Italian typography blocks in San Miniato, Tuscany by La Tipografia Toscana.

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​4. Wacom Intuos Pro

Underbelly Art Director, Scrib, says "This thing has been through the wringer with me. I don't think I could work without it. It's replaced my mouse for me entirely." Illustrators will appreciate the fluid motion and ease of use this product provides. A major plus, there are no wires needed, just the Wacom + Pen and your computer, and you are good to go.

orbitkey-nest-black-6 1000x1000

5. Orbitkey Nest

The Nest is the best solution to clutter. Every day we lug various things such as cords, headphones, and pens with us. This organizer is portable and comes with a built-in charger. The single-layer organization makes it easy to locate items and keep all of your small items in one place.

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6. Recipe Journal by Papier

Our team loves swapping recipes in our food-glorious-food slack channel. This Recipe Journal from Papier is the perfect place to record all your shared food favorites and dream up new dishes to make for your loved ones. Beyond Papier's Recipe Book, we also love their daily planner and other journals. They provide a great way to personalize, organize, and record your daily tasks or journal prompts.


7. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones by Sony

These are comfy headphones, which is saying a lot since our team can often wear them for four hours straight. The noise-canceling feature is helpful to block out your surroundings and get into some deep focus time - especially when in a coworking space. We also give them a big thumbs up for battery life.


Copic-Sketch-Marker-Basic-24-Colors-Set-Color-Markers-Art-Supplies-1 1024x1024

8. Sketch Markers by Copic

These high-quality color markers are the ideal gift for designers and illustrators. They are a higher-priced item, but they are unmatched. The marker colors blend well with each other, making it easier to create subtle color variations on the page. The markers are alcohol-based lifetime markers that come in a variety of colors.


9. 35 mm Camera & Film

There is something to be said for using technology in a traditional form. Learning photography with a film camera gives you a solid foundation of knowledge to grow off. Shooting in film tends to make you slow down and shoot more carefully in turn, you get unique, intentional photos to enjoy. Color film photos have a rich, dynamic range of tones and colors. We recommend checking out Allen's Cameras when purchasing for SLC natives. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and even Craigslist are good options for finding a 35 mm film camera.

collection page stationery 2046x600

10. Anything From MUJI

Muji is a Japanese retail company that sells a wide variety of household items. Muji in Japanese translates to "no brand quality good." The company creates simple, flexible, and modest goods that are high-quality and functional. Where to begin, you ask? Well to start, the stationary. Beyond the stationary, we love their socks and various minimalistic home accessories.


11. The Midnight Library

We read The Midnight Library this year in our Underbelly Book Club, and it is a fan favorite. It did something to us we can't explain! We love it. Books make the best gifts, and you can get creative as the gift giver. You could even extend your book gift as an invitation to start a book club. We recommend checking your local book store first for purchase, we like King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City. If you are looking to go the audiobook route, check out


12. The Classic Moleskine Notebook

We know we know you've probably heard this one before. However, it is a continued gift recommendation because it will always be relevant. We believe taking notes and exploring ideas is best done by hand. Moleskine Notebooks are a great way to generate ideas and blossom creativity. If you're a Salt Lake City local, we recommend picking yours up from Blick.


13. Pure Over

The Pure Over is a great eco-friendly switch to make if you are looking to reduce your waste. This glass pour-over doesn't require a filter. The design and function of it are 10/10. The Pure Over and Fellow Kettle make quite the pair to elevate your morning coffee experience.

Keychron-K3-ultra slim-Hot swappable-wireless-mechanical-keyboard-Mac-Windows-iOS-Android-75percent-layout-White-backlight-aluminum-frame-low-profile-Gateron-mechanical-switch-blue 1800x1800

14. Ultra-Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard by Keychron

This low-profile keyboard was crafted for productivity. It connects seamlessly with your computer or phone. One of the biggest selling points is the silent keystroke and the slim design making it easy to bring with you on the move. We can't talk about this keyboard without mentioning its hot-swap feature too. With it, you can swap every Optical switch in just a few seconds, allowing you to customize your typing experience.


15. Playing Cards by Theory 11

Theory 11 produces the most innovative, luxury playing cards on the market. The design and print quality are breathtaking. We may or may not have some big Star Wars nerds on our team, and they appreciate the references in the Star Wars deck art - the attention to detail makes these decks the perfect unique gift to give. Be sure to check out all of their themed decks ranging from The Beatles to the Avengers.

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