Highlights from the Front Conference

Last week, product enthusiasts from all around the world gathered to attend an inspiring conference packed with the latest trends and insights in the industry. As a proud sponsor, Underbelly had the pleasure of chatting with attendees while serving coffee at our booth. We also threw a memorable after party at our design studio. In this blog post, we'll share some key takeaways, our contributions, and the unforgettable moments from the after party.

Our team at Underbelly was excited to be a part of this fantastic event. We set up a booth in the reception area where we served coffee and discussed building products, brands, and the wide range of ways that we help product teams. It was a great opportunity to connect with attendees, exchange ideas, and showcase our expertise in the design industry.

Serving coffee and making new friends at Front Conference

Our spirit guide :-)

Key takeaways

The conference featured multiple talented speakers and insightful panel discussions, leaving attendees buzzing with new ideas and inspiration. Some of the key highlights include:

  1. Mitch talked on how to create a compelling product vision. "Text on a slide isn't a very compelling product vision. You need to show instead of tell. You need to visualize it, and convey it through storytelling." - Mitch Clements
  2. Shawn talked about designing & delivering product at the speed of change. "Empathy and emotional narratives are your two greatest superpowers to create product experiences that connect deeply with people." -Shawn Johnson.
  3. John Dilworth and Rob Foster took us down their incredible and entertaining journey about how trolling Utah's new flag initiative created overwhelming participation and influenced the design of Utah's new flag.
  4. Kyle showed us how to design delight into our products with brand attributes. "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Kyle Turman quoting Maya Angelou.

What people are saying

Here's what some of the attendees had to say about their experience:

  • "Thanks to all the organizers, speakers, and fellow attendees for pulling together such an impactful conference, with detailed case studies to help create focus within product teams and create delight (yes I still like that term) for users." - Raaj Parekh, Head of Product
  • "I had an awesome time at the #frontutah conference in SLC last week; it was the perfect event to get to know the local (and greater) UX & product management community. I met some amazing people and DRANK up the presentations" - Laurel C., UX/UI Designer
  • "Attending the Front Conference was an incredible opportunity to learn from leaders in the design field. It was a fun and well-produced conference that I would recommend to anyone wanting to grow in their design skill." - Kit Gonzales, Product Designer

An after-party collaboration

Underbelly was thrilled to host the after-party at our design studio, where attendees could unwind and continue making new friendships in an inspiring atmosphere. We partnered with one of our nonprofit clients, One Small Miracle, who graciously served drinks made with local ingredients from Sugarhouse Distillery & Libations SLC, reinforcing our commitment to collaboration and building our local community.

Making memories at the cyc-wall

Pics or it never happened! We leveraged our space and professional photo equipment to create a unique photo booth experience where people could capture playful moments and immediately download photos to their phone. If you're looking for your photo, the full gallery is accessible here for a limited time.

The conference and after party was the perfect way for attendees to build connections, share ideas, and learn from one another. We believe that fostering strong relationships is crucial to the growth and success of the design community no matter what your role may be.​

We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse of the conference's highlights and the fantastic after party hosted by Underbelly. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd also love to hear about your experiences and thoughts on the conference on Twitter!

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