2019 At Underbelly

2019 was a massive one for Underbelly.

It started when we moved into an existing building in downtown Salt Lake City, ripped it apart, and re-built into an incredible studio environment.

We kept growing with our existing clients and met some amazing new ones along the way. We’re super proud of the work we did and always grateful for their trust and collaboration.

Even though it's been a year of new faces and new spaces; one thing’s the same: Underbelly’s “work hard, play hard… or mellow (if you prefer)” attitude: with our ski days, summer retreat chilling by the lake, or just the tacos at our summer drop ins.

So, cheers to last year and we're excited to share Underbelly’s 2019 highlight reel with you!

Underbelly is always looking for talented people, hit us up and let us know what you are up to. Also if you have a problem our designers, developers and content teams can solve for you, let us know.

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