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Projects I've worked on while at Underbelly.

Powering an animation studio to full-scale EdTech platform

Bible Project

Designing a product from the ground up with Facebook.

Facebook Movies

Building a shared community experience

Spring Drop-In

Reimagining Smilelove with refreshed photography and video content.


Shooting 360 content, video and photography at some of the nations greatest national parks.

National Geographic

Creating unique product photography for a boutique salon’s online store.

Curl Co. Product Photography

Increasing user interaction with a new app experience


Creating a product to make life easier for real estate agents.


Building a brand identity for a product management and product design conference.

Front Conference

Every year we get together as a design team to produce a special gift for our amazing clients.

SLC Client Gift

Rebranding Laughlin, NV with updated TV spots, videos, cinemagraphs and photography.

Laughlin, NV Content

Branded photography to accompany the launch of their new website

Sandbox VR Photography

Powering Facebook's 360's innovative tools and interactive features with promotional content

Facebook 360

Promote NYC’s bike share program by capturing the unique moments people can have on a Citi Bike and creating neighborhood travelogues.

Citi Bike

Documenting how the Utah outdoor community came together during the pandemic.

DPS Skis

Bringing an interface to life through animation


Fostering a brighter, safer future for Alaskan youth

PHH (Presbyterian Hospitality House)

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Articles I've written

June 25, 2020
Matt Royce
June 21, 2019
Matt Royce