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Communication Designer

Here's a little bit about me.

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Projects I've worked on while at Underbelly.

Powering an animation studio to full-scale EdTech platform

Bible Project

Powering the Bicycle Collective's next stage of growth

Bicycle Collective

Sales & Service for the Wasatch Front

Cascade Dental

Providing freelancers with the business tools they need to be successful.


Designing a product from the ground up with Facebook.

Facebook Movies

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.

Facebook Surveys

Creating a brand for Meta's New Product Experimentation.

Sparked Branding

An interactive, vibrant and easy-to-use website for a local non-profit that nurtures education and conservation for all ages.

Tracy Aviary

Crafting a two new brand identities for companies in the digital world of 3D art.

Morph 3D

Every year we get together as a design team to produce a special gift for our amazing clients.

SLC Client Gift

Defining and executing a brand identity for a local bakery

Honeycomb Bakery

Visual exploration and illustration to create a simple and friendly mark that successfully represents an already thriving brand.


Creating a simple but comprehensive brand that could grow alongside one of Facebook's largest internal teams.

Facebook Local Team

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