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Project Proposal
Nov 16, 2023
Prepared for
Anna Hendry
Iconiq Capital
Prepared by
Anthony Lagoon
Underbelly Creative
343 W 400 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 742-1431

Agency overview

Underbelly® is a full-service creative agency that helps businesses level up their digital presence. We build delightful websites, engaging applications, and provide access to top-notch creatives.

  • UX research
  • User personas
  • Product roadmap
  • Brand
  • Content
  • Discovery sprints
  • Usability testing
  • UI design
  • Brand identity
  • Illustration
  • Prototyping
  • Web design
  • Interactive
  • Video production
  • Full-stack
    Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • SAAS implementation
  • Internal applications
  • CMS integration

Project overview

Start with alignment.
Target audience

The target audience is likely seed-stage startup founders, CEOs, and employees in the US who would like to learn more about how their company compares to industry benchmarks.

Business objectives

By making the benchmarking tool publicly available, ICONIQ Capital aims to provide additional value to its audience, capture valuable data, and to enable its marketing efforts to engage a larger audience with a best-in-class tool.

Problem Statement

Stakeholders at ICONIQ Capital have identified an opportunity to bring an internal benchmarking tool to an external audience.


Updates & Enhancements

Table views

Simplify onboarding

UI Sliders

Custom Sliders

Save & Share

Educational content

Relevant work samples

Insurance Web Application

Streamlining a personalized home insurance experience with Next.JS

Cord App

Creating a powerful project management tool for a global effort.


Website design and supportive illustrations for cloud-based fintech company.

Facebook Surveys

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.

Square Product Design

Helping Square design tools for sellers to manage risk and stay on top of their business.


A partnership with a mission-driven medical startup that's redefining the medical industry through improved experiences and new technology.

Seed Company

A dashboard to help representatives send progress reports more easily and frequently.

Process & Deliverables

This creative process is designed to keep
Iconiq Capital
and Underbelly aligned throughout the project and focus on resolving important decisions at the least expensive point in the project.
This will take place in four phases where any phase may overlap with each other.


Phase one: 

Cross-Functional Design Sprint

Together, in just one week, we will uncover opportunities, quickly design, prototype, and validate your ideas with real people. In the end, we will have an action plan to push your idea further. These Sprints allow you and our team to test ideas with as little investment as possible to find if people want what you offer before you even build it.

1 week
In this phase, we often stumble upon fresh avenues and unforeseen potentials. Given the inherently explorative nature of this phase, the timeline and budget may naturally evolve. Should any shift occur, our commitment is to provide clients with immediate implications of such changes.
A product design working session at Underbelly.
Phase two: 

Crafting with precision

As we delve deeper into the design, we become meticulous with every detail. Every interaction is refined to ensure a seamless and beautiful user experience.

  • UI Layouts
  • Interaction flows
  • Detailed design specifications
  • Digital prototypes
  • User testing feedback
  • Iterative design adjustments.
2 week sprints
Decisions made in the discovery phase may affect both time and cost estimates. If needed, new estimates will be created at that time.
Phase three: 

Implementation & QA

As designers and engineers collaborate closely, the product begins to take shape in its final form. It's a dance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that our vision is realized while meeting all technical requirements.

  • Final designs
  • Component libraries
  • Iterative adjustments based on feedback
  • Quality assurance testing
2 week sprints
We are committed to notifying clients as soon as possible if any unforeseen obstacles arise during implementation that affect the timeline.
Phase four: 

Releasing early & often

The product, now fully realized, is introduced to the world. But our journey doesn't end there. We observe, listen, and learn from users, taking their feedback as the seed for our next cycle of design and innovation.

  • Launch campaigns
  • User reviews
  • Additional features
  • Post-launch evaluations
1 week
We are committed to notifying clients as soon as possible if any unforeseen obstacles arise during implementation that affect the timeline.


We recommend starting with a Product Discovery Sprint. From there we'll align on a prioritized scope for the MVP build.

Stakeholders will be available in the Product Discovery Sprint.

Our team of product designers will work collaboratively with Amazatic to bring the designs to life.

Estimated project length:
Roughly 3-5 Months



Everything you need

to elevate your brand & digital presence.

Creative Team Retainers

Grow your creative capabilities quickly without the time and risk of hiring internally. Together we will work on a time and materials basis to complete your prioritized work. 

You will have a fixed monthly cost, and our team will be able to adapt to the roadmap and be able to pivot as you need without initiating costly change orders due to a constrained scope. We will work iteratively with you to plan each sprint, milestone and create the most value within the available time and budget.


Product Photography

Show off your packaging.

Increase engagement.

Estimated Costs

December 31, 2023

Underbelly has created the following estimate based on our current understanding of the project and your unique needs and desired outcomes. 


Product Discovery Sprint & Roadmap: 1 Week / $23,750

MVP Product Design & Front End Development: To be estimated after discovery 

Not included in estimate

The Product Discovery Sprint is priced as a fixed-fee basis. This approach provides cost predictability by locking in the agreed-upon scope and associated costs. 

Post-discovery sprints are billed on a Time & Materials basis. Scope is flexible, and refined and prioritized regularly.

Final and complete app design is not included in the discovery sprint. The prototype we build and test will be "Just good enough" to get feedback and validation on core features and user flows, giving you more confidence in your roadmap as the project progresses.

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